Quality Assurance

At The Hot Coffee Company it is important that the coffee being made is of quality standard as we want customers to come back and have another cuppa.

We believe that the quality of our coffee must be the best therefore we provide our partners with a FREE quality check every 8 /10 weeks.

This is a costly exercise, but we feel that this service is important as it can highlight some bad habits which might have crept in and can also help to reduce large service bills.

During our Quality Check visit we check the following:

  1. Steam Wands - Making sure they are clean and not leaking.
  2. Espresso Amount – Making sure your coffee machine is making the correct size of espresso.
  3. Grinder Dosage – Making sure your grinder is dispensing the correct amount of coffee.
  4. Brewing Time - Making sure your espresso is being made to the correct timing. Not too long or too short.
  5. Group Heads – Making sure the group heads are clean and not leaking.
  6. Handles – Making sure the handles and filter plates are clean and not leaking.
  7. Cleaning Products – Making sure the customer has all the cleaning products required for keeping your machine in tip top condition.
  8. Coffee Count – Just checking how much coffee your machine is producing. This will highlight if grinder blades need replaced or water filters changed.
  9. Equipment Condition – Present state of machine.