Rosetta 2GR-Mini

The machines in the Rosetta range are elegant and solid, with a sophisticated design that draws attention to them. The wide range of models means that you will always find a machine that perfectly suits your needs. We have combined our genuine experience of building first-class espresso machines with creative solutions and the latest innovative technology.

Therefore, you can be sure that all Rosetta machines deliver what they promise. That is a perfectly brewed espresso to your guests. Every day, year after year. Rosetta fits in all types of environments, from small local diners to top-level restaurants..

  • Built-in volumetric motor pump, equipped with two retention valves and solid particles filter
  • Copper boiler with pressure relief valve
  • One steam arm and one hot water tap 2 group compact
  • Heating element low water cut off
  • Automatic back flush program
  • Digital boiler temperature control
  • Dispensed coffee audit
  • Compact machine, 1double filter handle
  • 4 Program doses settings