La San Marco 105 Extra High

Linearity, a clear sense of purpose, comprehensives - qualities that make LA SAN MARCO 105 unique in the way it relates to the user. The exceptional usability of the machine is the result of the fusion of essential design and high technical performance. LA SAN MARCO 105 is the new milestone in the evolution of espresso coffee machines, a continuation of the paths of tradition that define a global leader in the field.

  • 1 Brewer unit heads
  • Large, easy to use keys for product selection
  • Advanced group temperature regulation
  • Consistent delivery of superior espresso
  • High capacity steam production to support extra demand of large milk based drinks, chai and hot chocolate preparation.
  • Easy to use ergonomic steam control valves
  • Angled portafilters support superior ergonomics
  • Easy disassembly and access to internal components to facilitate maintenance and repair.
  • Built-in motor-pump
  • Large capacity cup holder
  • One head diffusers for 12oz. or 20 oz. cup, 1 head double espresso diffusers, and frothing wand for cappuccino.